How to Find the Money Source

Kiyosaki says, difficult to achieve wealth only by working for other people. Workers - even the big salaried even as doctors, lawyers - may generate money, but they do not find the source of money. The money will stop flowing when they stop working.

They even tend to be stuck with what is called the rat race - work hard, earn more, buy more, charge more, require more debt, and back again in more hard work.

A person can become rich if he can out of the circle and enter the fast lane, find the source of money that could have achieved if sufficient financial knowledge.

Financial freedom can be achieved with have assets far greater than the liability. It is important for you to know the difference in asset and liability when you want to rich. Asset siphon money into your bag, and liability to pay from your bag.

To become rich, someone must find the assets - everything that enters your money into a bag - and lessen liability - all things that drain money from your bag house, which is itself, the car, and so on.


Your Financial Plan

You of course know that every human being has needs. The needs of adults will always be in line with time. From the need to marry, buy homes, private vehicles, and raising children have, to enjoy the time with the old day.

However, to be able to meet all the needs, of course, the funds required not less. For example, you may be going if the current price of a house in the outskirts of Jakarta spacious 96 m2, and has reached 200-300 million rupiah. Not yet reflect the cost of school children are increasingly stifling the bag. During this course, the tuition of a private junior high schools have reached tens of millions of rupiah, imagine the money is only for education for three years.

This situation certainly raises questions for you, how can I meet all the needs that? The answer is to do financial planning as early as possible, and have a good time then.

5 Steps To revel Then!

Financial planning is a process to manage with the financial discipline, to achieve the goals that you want. For that, there are 5 steps that you should do:

1. Check the condition of your financial health
Not only the health of your body's important, but your financial health conditions also can not be ignored. Actually, the latter called this should be your first priority before the body to maintain health, because their health body also needs funds.
The first step is quite easy. Note with all your spending in one month. You will wonder when to do this, because you will see exactly where you fly over this.
In addition, count all the wealth and debt-debt that you have. Pay all your debt - if necessary by selling your property - before you plan to have something new. If you do not already have a debt again, the new financial condition could be said you are healthy .
Do not worry if you do not have any savings after you pay all the debt, because even if you do not have savings again, you will do something that is far better for you.

The second step is to plan your needs. This step is done with a dream. Yes, you are not one, dream! Ask in your heart, what you want in this life. Jaguar Cars? Apartments in the area of five stars? Beat the Socialites to have the number of shoes, clothes, handbags and brand? or even a honeymoon to Paris?
Now, if it is, Build your dream from reality to see whether all the dreams you have been in accordance with the conditions of your income and wealth? If not, go back a dream. However, times with a more realistic dream. Do not forget to prioritize where you want to get it first.
One thing to remember, besides the things that was entered in the priority needs of your emergency fund. Emergency funds? Moreover it? Funds of funds are for emergency purposes that do not you think the emergence, such as the cost of in-patient at the hospital. Of course, this is not expected to happen, but you are not vigilant as Prisaa "umbrella ready before the rain."

3. Categorize your financial needs
This step is easy. Self grouped needs based on your terms. Timed own divided 3, namely short-term needs for between 1-3 years, medium-term needs for between 3-5 years, and long-term needs for more than 5 years old.
Here is an example of the needs of you:

4. Identify the types of investments that match your needs
This step is quite difficult to do, because for some of you, this is new. You can learn with the help of your friends or relatives who have been with good financial plan, rent a financial planner, consultant, or you can learn at their own site, the type of investment.
Once you understand the benefits of each type of investment, choose the most appropriate to your financial needs.

5. Discipline is light-hearted!
All the steps that you apply will be useless if you do not have the discipline and commitment level. Second important thing that will make everything run smoothly. You want to honeymooners in Paris and enjoy your bath, is not it? Be patient! The more you discipline and maintain the commitment, then your dream is a reality more quickly.


Opening Business By Your Self

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the revenue that you get. Or you may still have spare time outside the main job? When you taste it, you might start to think to open their own business outside the main job.
We usually call this business as a sideline business. If you join now looking for earnings in the family, you have two sources of revenue.
If this business, the longer growing increasingly large, you can choose to concentrate on the business or submit your own in the management of other people. So you can have more time for yourself, while income continues to run. So, the business itself can give you the freedom of time and money. Nice eh? Compare with when you work on other people.
But the way business does not easy to own it. Initially, you must be fully involved in the business. You must design a system, who set the course the people who will help, how business can be run, how the market, and so forth.
In fact, may be spelled out, at the beginning of the effort to open their own business, which requires more than hard when you work on other people. But if business is already starting to run well, you slowly begin to leave and let the business run by itself.
Now, what should you look if you want to own a business?
1. Line of Business
Decide first, what kind of business you want to run. Do you want to run a small restaurant business? Or if you want to store accessories , or just want to open a boutique? What if a souvenir shop that sells moneychangers moneychangers funny as funny glass-glass or the like? Can not you? In principle, all business can be divided into:
Businesses that have rarely or not.
Some of you may be in doubt if you want to start a business or who have not yet still rarely performed. But it does not mean you will not be successful. Habituate Aqua. When first introduced, many people doubt whether Aqua can be successful in the market, but had not previously have to sell the water in the bottle. Even in the first of many pouts: What have people who want to buy water more expensive with the price of gasoline? Moreover, we can cook your own drinking water in the house. Aqua fact dasher.
Line of business that has been done
You can also start the Line of Business that has been done. If earlier people hesitate to start a new business field, but on the other hand, many people also feel free to start a business that has been executed. For example, many women who hesitate to open a boutique, because the surrounding is much to do.
In fact, even though you're just standing boutiques, clothing, but if you sell clothes that have a surplus or characteristics than your competitors, there is always the chance for success. Not to mention the factors of good service, even though this business many competitors, the opportunity remains open successfully.
BIG owned a boutique artist named Hughes, for example, is also behavior. That's because the boutique that has a specific specialization, namely that only sell clothes for women who have extra weight.
2. Location
Where do you want to open a location of your business? At home? Or you want to rent a small place in the street? Or you want to rent a shop? Do not forget that in some type of business, location, role that is quite important. Himself You must determine the exact location of where in your business. Once again, the location of the role is very important.
3. Customer
How do you get your merchandise buyers? Or when the service business, how do you get clients? Do you want to promote it started from the mouth to mouth? Or, you will create brochures
Some people I know to promote efforts to install the gate in front of the place of business. There is also promoting efforts to install a small ad in the newspaper. Or, why do not you try to install your ad on the Internet? Internet media is evident in a powerful drag buyers, although perhaps not all.
The most important here is that you should know beforehand about how you get clients or buyers of your business. If there is no buyer, there would be no sales. If there is no sales, then you are not quite successful.
4. Manpower
How many people will you work? Do you only own the work in there? Do you also employ a number of people in your business? There may be a good idea if you start with the number of workers that a little first. Later when the business you develop, you may need some additional people that you can work.
It's good when you also employ members of your family. As your children (if they have enough age of course), or your husband may be. By hiring them, and indirectly they will also have a sense of having participated in the business. With the ownership of the family members, the support given to you to run a business can be the greater.
5. Financial Planning
Many businesses that go bankrupt because it runs out of cash. Therefore it is important for you to consider the amount of initial capital should you have to be able to run your business. Would that when capital can be sufficient to pay for the expenses the company for 12 months.
In addition to initial capital, what you should do is to make the estimated cash flow for 12 months. Estimated cash flow is a calculation that describes how the estimated outflow of cash in the entrance of your business. Just as capital, it would that if you have an estimated cash flow for 12 months. Thus, in the year ahead, your business will not be expected to go bankrupt only because of running out of cash.
In addition to the matters mentioned above, there are other things you need to note in connection with your trading style. There is a proverb that says that people either happy life. But in the areas of business, too good-hearted can create a number of obstacles. And indeed many small business owners who are too "good" in running businesses, such as:
- They were too compliant to the partner
- They set the price of hand to mouth just above the products and services sale
- They are too good-hearted and unclear to subordinates
- They feel there is something wrong, dirty or moral if they do not get money, profit or opportunity.
Therefore, avoid things like that. Employers who either do not apply either, but it applies just. Fair to the customer or partner, fair prices for goods and services sale, just to subordinates, and of course just for himself.
Finally, the most important, there is one thing that must be in mind before you start your own business, namely: prepare TO failed. Plan your success, but be prepared to fail. So if you truly fail, you will not be down


Starting Businessman

Do not be afraid to fail when it started a new business. What is important is confident, and keep dreaming!

Why now many people choose to start your own business? Of course, many reasons thatback ground One factor that needs will increase, as price increases in all areas.

This desire to pay tribute not only be economic factors only. "They are living on easy street because I would want to pay tribute actual themselves, without having to leave the family with work outside the home,

For example, a woman who has long worked office, feels his career is not growing, and bored if he lived in the house only after the children alone. Now, with pay tribute, "He is so increasingly open, set the smart money, can find the target market, know how promoted, make the products even more .He developed from the past."

However, can someone have career good, but it need challenging other outside , and decided to pay tribute. "By working office, he has a net working well. This can be a capital when deciding to pay tribute, so he has many clients."

Another factor that is also often used as reasons to pay tribute, a hobby. "Many people feel the inner satisfaction with pay tribute based on hobbies." In addition, the children are usually the main reason for the women decided to pay tribute. However, even though the child can care for themselves, the focus should remain with the business so that all can run smoothly.

Then, any business that can be done at home? various business can be done. Opening a private tutor, salon, spa, massage and aromatherapy, receiving stitches, to open a boutique, canteen, catering, and make a cake, and even create a website or blog. The following tips , who must be considered when the business will start for beginners:

1. Have a Dream!
You must have a dream so successful businessmen, have a lot of money, can be a holiday abroad and places eksotic, or do not need to think again because the job has a lot of money. Then imagine, from which money could flow to your account, or of any business to be successful. Whether employers will be restaurants, garment, or the other? Imagine a clear, and as much detail as possible. All of success based on a dream. So, do not be afraid or dream visions.

2. Obsession and Hobby
What, do you like? Cooking, sewing, or teaching children? Well, you should be able to operate with the heart. So, you do have a soul, life, and value. All done with the heart, will run more smoothly.

3. See the fact
After the visions, back to reality. Head may be in heaven, but must still step foot earth. Start from that you have, and do not compare with other people's. If able to cook and the results of groove house, you open a talented catering. Or, the patient train the children, trained and able to find solutions for children who learn to focus less? Be the leader and teacher tutoring.

4. Create a phased plan
Start planning stages. Make a condition of zero, with one condition, always look to the future. For example, do not have money but do have the ability capital. If you have the money to 500 thousand and smart cooking, what will be done in order to produce more. Make gradually, slowly, according to ability. If done correctly, slowly profits will follow you.

5. Various collated Plan
When the business started running, do not just have one plan only. Create also plans B, C or D. For example, after opening the stalls, but the visitors quiet, begin to think creatively and execute the plan B. Do not wait for people, but must pick up the ball and offer the convenience of the other. For example, provide service-delivery service. If the plan B was not successful, plan to run the C, and so on.

6. Create a Budget
If the business is run, create a budget expenditure and income with tidy. Separate between revenues and expenditures from the salaries of husband or wife for the cost of day-to-day, with the results of the business. Should, the money split into two bank accounts, and do not enter into a wallet, not so easy and easy to see the profit gained.
If I make a budget and only embroidery, you will not be able to see the profit achieved. That is, you do not know whether their business success or failure. By making the appropriate budget, a mistake that appears will be sought cause, and can be immediately repaired.



Plainly, set in the family's financial strain is difficult easy, especially if it is only our hand to mouth. But it does not mean do not need or can not be managed well.

1. Use only regular income to pay for routine expenses
Of course, the routine must be smaller than your regular income. The way that routine enough income to pay for routine expenses is to create a budget.

Plan a regular income and expenditure in the form of your budget. Thus, since you can detect a far day, whether you will have a surplus or a deficit each month.

2. You must have cash reserve
Savings cash here is a reserve for unexpected needs outside the budget, for example, to buy a TV or radio tape. If there is any unexpected needs, charges should not be taken from the budget, but from this cash reserve.

So, do not have more complaints about not running a budget that has been made. If there is a need to buy a TV, for example, but saving money is not enough, then do not buy a used TV until cash savings are already sufficient.

3. Reserve Fund have
Reserve Fund in order to prepare for a source of income if you are having problems, so that you can not have (for example, or go bankrupt ).

Thus, when you are in bankrupt or your business, you can still pay for a few months of life to the front of this fund. The amount of reserve funds varies. The more stable employment someone, the less the required reserve fund. We suggest, is about 3 - 6 months time the family expenditure.

4. Protect yourself from financial risk that may appear
One of them is to take the insurance. For example, on the death of your husband or your child can cause no more bear and finance.

So, you can anticipate the result of risk by taking a life insurance. Remember, if risks can not be anticipated, possible savings and cash reserve fund so you perforated.

Select Investment Internet

The term or surfing the Internet, there are lots of offers of investment and trade transactions also offered there. Attitudes to be careful is very good, because it is not all business like that better. There is also a trick.

Investment in science known a general principle, which says that the higher level of return on investment that we hope, usually the higher the risk of the investment by.

If I see, some businesses are offered on the Internet is in addition to quote the results of principal even if only with a relatively small investment, but provides also a high risk. How high? Yes, because sometimes you do not know with whom doing business there, is not it?

Because all business is done through the virtual world, so you do not know how to work that they do. In fact, sometimes there is no agreement at all about the investment. So if you go into this business will be ready not only get the results, but must also be ready to lose your investment.

So how to reduce risk? My suggestion, try to do business with companies that have a clear site, have a clear office address (if necessary, make contact by phone to check). No one, if you prioritize themselves for Indonesian companies, because if you feel wronged, you can still chase each other they are in Indonesia.

Now, what if you want to try? Just like if you buy the fruit in plastic, usually you will probably not know that the raw fruit or not before you truly feel and bite. This means, in this business you will not know the loss or not before you experience the loss yourself.

So, what should you do to be able to reduce the risk of loss is knowing how to work the investment. Try to ask friends who have participated in the business and seek information as complete as possible before the plunge to the business. My suggestion, although the value that you invest at the beginning of the small, but try not to always assume that and try not serious, because it can make you do not have the motivation to run a business. One again, although

You have to gather more information and more, try to be ready to receive if there is one investment that you losers. If you fail, yes, the same as buying fruit before, even though the example provided a good seller, not necessarily that we are also a good buy. Yes, is not it?


Do you see someone who seems normal work-usual course, but what has he want? Meanwhile, you have a dream home is still in pretty illusion. Once the car which do you want you are still out of reach.
Instead, what you see someone that big incomes but yours salary always exhausted. He may be a manager at a large company or a company director, but his life just so-so, if it does not want to say so.
Things like that can happen. Yes, I understand that probably most of you think that a high income you have now will ensure your welfare. But do not wrong, how many people who have high earnings are still not able to save and improve lives can not. Instead, many people are also indifferent career earnings and has a limited, but they can meet the needs of his life. You know what distinguishes the two? Just one. How do you do financial planning.
Mr. mother, in financial planning, especially in relation to the family finances, plainly there are only two important things you should know. What's that? The first is how to make money and the second, How to manage earnings.
Sometimes I like see many people who ask me, " how to manage the salary enough to pay for me to have three children with the debt repayments and that it is this? Because I seem too extravagant ..." After I see, the problem was he was not located in the expenditure is too large, but because incomes are too small. So, he does not feel it necessary to seek other sources of revenue, and only against the income gained.
Mr. mother, the first thing you should must knowledge about financial planning is to learn how to make money. So you do not need to continue to blame the size of your spending as you cause financial problems. This is because often the causes of the emergence of financial problems is not on the amount of your expenses, but in your earnings is too small.
I am sure, some among you who may have also said that the revenue obtained was not important. More important is how to manage earnings. Is correct, but if you earn too little income I do not blame anyone. Perhaps it is time you start looking for other sources of revenue. Perhaps by opening their own business, or by selling sewing skills you have. It is important, learn knowledge about how you make money. Thus, you do not continue to blame your big expenses, even though you are not actually spending a large-very large.
After earning, the second thing you should do is to learn how to manage earnings. This is important because I often see many people who have a large income but incomes did not feel like it because it always runs out. It is very important for you to know how to manage the revenue that you get. Do not until you get the revenue - either the big or small - just so exhausted to pay for expenses that are not necessary.
Then, what you can do in learning how to manage the revenue that you get? Clearly, you will need to make priorities of expenditure that you consider most important to the expenditure that is not too important. Do not forget to go before the needs of desire, and also carefully items of expenditure which has the potential to be great, if not well guarded. Hopefully with the way like that, you can be more successful in managing your finances. And you can realize your dreams.